I’m seriously honored you’ve taken interest in my photography! I know planning photos can be a bit overwhelming,  I hope this helps ease your mind. 

After filling out my “Book Me” questionnaire, you will hear back from me in less than 24 hours.

This is when all of the fun begins


We will then discuss and decide over the phone, (or in person) the best time for your desired session. We will talk like we’ve known each other for years, and your vision for the adventure you want to create with me.  

During the shoot at our chosen location, we will become explores and wander around the area. I will capture the candids, we will do some “unposed” posing that you’ll quickly learn isn’t posing at all… filled will silly tasks to bring out that raw emotion. These session typically last anywhere from one to three hours, but I’m not a photographer on a time crunch. This session is about you and we are creating magic here!

Ps – In this time we will also, more than likely become best friends (just sayin).

Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are seriously SO MUCH FUN 

A few weeks before the session, we will decide on a starting location. It can be a field of sunflowers, the place you guys met, lifestyle at home session, take it urban and wander the city, or on a beautiful mountain top somewhere.

Whatever the Adventure, I’m There.

 My favorite thing to do an hour before is to go get a beer somewhere, hangout like we’ve known each other our whole lives and share a few belly laughs. 

(Hanging out beforehand, definitely breaks the ice and helps ease the nervousness, tension, because let’s get real… being in front of a camera isn’t the easiest thing in the world. )

We’ll then begin exploring and start creating the engagement photos of your dreams. 

PS – feel free to bring a 6 pack to your session, we are huge advocates of that

By the end of the evening, we will have become best friends, and neither one of us will want to go home.. no, seriously it happens all of the time.

 *Inserts laughing emoji* 

But really, you’ll have learned who I am, how I work, and I know a ton more about you. It makes us a better team when the big day gets here.

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