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Okay, Here’s my heart…

The last thing I want is for a single client to feel is disconnected from me as the photographer.

For me, you aren’t just a pay check, this isn’t just a client/professional relationship.

(I honestly cringe at the word “client” it’s such a cold word,,bleh) 

I truly care, I care about your life and your memories.

My hearts desire is to become friends with you. I want to hear your wildest stories. I want to cry laughing with you, I want to  joke, run, be weird right alongside y’all. I’m friends with almost all of my clients, and that’s what my heart wants.

To me, this isn’t about a “job” or another date on my calendar. This is about friends, real people, real stories, unique relationships, and weird quirks. I want to see the real, the raw, the authentic. The precious + the weird. I’ll set down my camera forever if I ever ask you to do an awkward Jcpenny portrait pose. I want to see the unconfined movement, the unfiltered interactions, the unscripted moments, the uninhibited laughter.

I want to capture that raw emotion we all crave oh so badly. 

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