Chae + Nick | Intimate Backyard Wedding Austin, Texas | Destination Wedding Photographers | Brittani Burns Photography

Chae + Nick | Austin, Texas Intimate Backyard Weddings | Charlotte NC, Destination Wedding Photographers

Chae + Nick | Intimate Backyard Wedding Austin, Texas | Destination Wedding Photographers | Brittani Burns Photography

Though I may be based in Charlotte, NC – I will absolutely travel for tacos.

You guys, this dear couple of mine.


I’m sure you see photographers “swoon” over their couples on IG all of the time… but for me, first of all that word makes me want to throw something, it’s overly used and wtf is a “swoon” anyways?

Sorry – already getting off topic – Back to my story

This couple, means the world to me. I fall madly in love with all of my couples, but this is a love like a love for a sibling. They are like family to me now, I would take a bullet in my leg for these two.

A little back story – I’ve known Chae since High School, possibly even middle school. We grew up in the same super small (not so small anymore) town of Hutto, Texas. Weeeew! Hustlin Hippos for life! (the towns mascot), Okay now, don’t hate, being a hippo was the shit.

We always knew of each other, we were always super nice to each other when we would pass in the hallways, but our relationship would have never developed to what it is now if it weren’t for social media (Yo – thanks facebook!).

I was building my name in photography, and taking my passion to the next level, when one day browsing mindlessly on facebook, that I saw that Chae got engaged. My heart melted and felt so incredibly happy for her and her soon to be hubby.

On instagram I always post about manifestation and how incredibly powerful our minds are.. well when I saw Chae get engaged, in my mind I said “GOOD GOSH, I WANT TO TAKE HER ENGAGEMENT/WEDDING PHOTOS SO BAD.” ..and my mind started doing what it does, daydream. I visualized what their engagement session would look like, and what it would feel like to photograph their wedding.

YOU GUYS – a month later she writes me on my facebook business page asking about my wedding services/prices and I fell on the floor.. My heart was so happy! The following month, I flew to Texas for her wedding consultation which began at like, 5pm and ended up lasting till 2am. HAHA! They hired me on the spot, we did their adventure engagement in the beautiful Texas Hill Country a week later and I had to fly back home to Charlotte the next day.. I was so sad because I could hangout with them every day and love every minute of it.

These two beam with light. They are the kind of people you want to surround yourself with, who are just so good for your soul. Their love for each other and for others is overwhelming, in the very best way.

Thank you both for giving me the honor of letting me into your hearts, and photographing your love. I love you both so very much and cannot wait to hug you guys & hangout again.. Accompanied by tequila & carb-free beer of course.

Charlotte NC Destination Wedding Photographers

Have a question or want to book with ya girl, B?

Ps – I only have a few Saturdays left available for 2019 – please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m super nice, I swear and theres a 97% I’ll make you laugh

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