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Dear Austin, Texas – I’m Coming Home

Hello my beloved, fellow Texans! 

Guess what?

Since many of you requested me to fly home to capture your precious moments & memories, I’m listening to your requests and making it happen. And it’s happening next month!

To be more specific, I will be in Austin, Texas from August 10th – August 20th – For the sole purpose of photography and creating magic with you guys. 

I’m beyond grateful and overwhelmed by the love and support you all have shown and given me.. and for that I will only be charging $175 for any and all portrait sessions.

Maternity, Mommy + Me, Engagement, Seniors, Family, Boudoir, etc.

(Ps-  This is an insane discount.)

& I promise you will never have more fun at another photoshoot.

I am a “unposed” photographer, meaning – I don’t believe in “posing.” You know like those Jcpenny portraits our mothers made us take back in the day? Or those traditional prom like poses where you’re having to repeatedly “smile for the camera” and feel like your face is going to fall off? Can you say boring?!

Posing is outdated, its awkward and I literally don’t got time for that. Instead, we crank up your favorite tunes, we dance, we sing, we play and a whole lot of other fun stuff. 

I’m a photographer most passionate about capturing moments. I want to capture who you really are in natural lighting with the Texas Sunset as our back drop. I want to photograph you and your baby girl laughing at each other. I want to capture you holding onto your baby boy for dear life, because time moves quickly and that baby boy is not so baby anymore. I want to photograph you and your sweet love’s quirks, laughs and tears. I want to see you and your love light each other up. Why? Because that is real. Those moments are REAL. Those moments are authentic. Those are the moments we daydream about when reminiscing on precious memories, those are the memories we cherish.

And that my friend, is so much more valuable to me. 



Update: I am completely humbled by y’alls love & support. I am so unbelievably grateful. I only have three sessions available, I am in awe. For those of you who have already booked me,  I cannot wait to hangout, laugh & capture your sweet sweet memories of you and your loved ones. For those of you who are wanting to book a session, I don’t want to have to turn you down, but like I said before, I only have three sessions left. Please reach out as soon as you can to schedule & book your session.

Weekend sessions are completely booked.

These are the days I have available:

August 13, 14, & 16.

For specific times – email, text, or fill out a booking form below.


BrittaniBurnsPhoto@gmail.com / 512.406.4863











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